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The Hazleton Shaft Mine comprises 700 acres of leased and owned land comprising what was formerly the extensive Hazleton Shaft deep mine and associated processing plants, spoil heaps and railroads. It is located just east of Hazleton and immediately west of Stockton Mine, the two being separated by Stockton Mountain Road. Both mines work the Hazleton Basin which gradually deepens to the west such that at Hazleton Shaft the bottom of the Mammoth basin cannot be worked by surface mining but the limbs of the syncline contain substantial reserves, amounting to 2.9 million tons, in the Mammoth, Primrose, Orchard, Diamond, and Tracey seams. There are also substantial, but unquantified, reserves of anthracite culm (bank material) and anthracite silt at Hazleton Shaft.

Currently only small quantities of anthracite silt and fines are mined at Hazleton Shaft, given high production levels at Stockton and Jeansville Mines but a mine plan for Hazleton Shaft has recently been completed and production can recommence here at short notice should the need arise.
Prior to the acquisition the Hazleton Shaft washing plant processed a combination of run of mine (“ROM”) anthracite, bank material (anthracite spoil from underground mining) and silt (fine anthracite discard from old washing plants or “breakers” as they were known). ACG’s strategy is to concentrate production on high quality anthracite and this required modifications and improvements to the Hazleton Shaft plant which were completed towards the end of 2016 with a capital expenditure of approx. $500,000. The plant now has an annual ROM processing capacity of 1 million tons.
The Hazleton Hiller Drying Plant at Hazleton Shaft is a 50% each joint venture between HSC (now ACG) and Hiller Carbon LLC. Hazleton Hiller is contracted to take 150,000 tons a year of processed anthracite from ACG for supply to the steel and foundry industries. Consideration is currently being given to expanding the plant to increase capacity to 250,000 tons a year.

Since the acquisition of HSC two new rail loadout facilities have been constructed at Hazleton Shaft site adjacent to the Hazleton Shaft washing plant and Hazleton Hiller Drying plant. All ACG rail shipped anthracite is now shipped via these facilities. The Stockton rail loadout facility is now used for shipping hard rock aggregates.